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BREAKDOWN: Why We Should Stop Thinking of ‘Crypto’ as a Single Industry

Enterprise blockchains, central bank digital currencies, digital collectibles, DeFi, and bitcoin. How much do they really have to do with one another?

February 20, 2020

The ‘crypto’ industry is having a hard time fitting everything that’s happening inside that one monolithic term. On this episode, @nlw looks at current news stories from across at least 5 different categories - DeFi, enterprise blockchain, central bank digital currencies, digital collectibles and bitcoin - to ask whether they really all belong lumped in in the same category.

The episode also looks at:

  • Four reasons these increasingly different categories remain bunched together
  • Why turning other parts of the industry into an enemy is rewarded in the public sphere
  • Why letting individual parts of the industry evolve individually is likely to bring more, not fewer resources into the space.