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BREAKDOWN: Why the U.S.' $2 Trillion Stimulus, Unlimited QE Will Expose the Monetary System’s Flaws

As the crypto community digests a new wave of government intervention, Michael Casey and Noelle Acheson join for a discussion

March 25, 2020

CoinDesk’s Chief Content Officer Michael Casey and Head of Research Noelle Acheson join for a lively debate about the new $2 trillion stimulus package and era of “unlimited” QE, including:

  • Whether (and on what time scale) fiscal and monetary stimulus might lead to inflation
  • Whether the Fed buying corporate bonds amounts to a nationalization of the bond markets
  • Why the appearance of a ‘digital dollar’ in an earlier stimulus proposal was a huge surprise
  • How a digital dollar in the form proposed would upset the balance of power between the Fed, commercial banks, and citizens
  • Why trust in governments and financial institutions is likely to achieve new lows in the wake of COVID-19
  • Why people are reevaluating the meaning and purpose of money