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BREAKDOWN: Why Money Is Losing Its Meaning, Feat. Jared Dillian

As government unleash trillions on the planet to stimulate economies on lockdown, even "normies" are starting question limitless money printing.

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Bitcoiners are particularly sensitive to Fed intervention in markets, but the degree to which the Fed is willing to print to backstop basically all risk is drawing the attention of even normal market participants.

On this episode of The Breakdown, NLW is joined by Jared Dillian, market analyst, contrarian, and editor of The Daily Dirt Nap. They discuss:

  • What ‘safe haven’ means in today’s climate
  • How Jared became a bitcoin believer after being a skeptic
  • Why in an MMT world, taxation policy will be driven by ideology not practicality
  • Why money is losing its meaning