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BREAKDOWN: Why Bitcoin Is the Only Truly Free Market, Feat. Dan Tapiero

In the wake of Trump’s promise to “go big” on stimulus, where does bitcoin and its safe haven narrative stand?

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President Trump and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin announced a significant slate of upcoming stimulus measures, including deferred taxes and direct payments to Americans (although those details remain to be seen).

On this episode of The Breakdown, 10T holdings CEO Dan Tapiero joins to discuss:

  • How this forthcoming stimulus might impact the bitcoin narrative
  • Why some traditional safe havens like bonds might not fair well in the coming markets while others like gold are poised to thrive
  • Why markets could be positioning for a major bounce back
  • Why the Fed has more tools in its toolkit than popular media and opinion are suggesting
  • Why the dollar’s global strength is a major concern
  • Why bitcoin is the only truly free market in the world