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BREAKDOWN: Why a Strong Dollar Is Bad for the US and Bad for the World, Feat. Lyn Alden

Despite the specter of inflation from money printing, the dollar has gained strength. Here’s why that’s a problem - for everyone.

May 20, 2020

The dollar has a unique role in the world due to its reserve currency status. For many years that status has created incredible opportunities for the U.S. Increasingly, however, some are wondering if the global standard has outlived its usefulness - not only for the world but for the U.S., too.

In this illuminating conversation, one of FinTwit’s brightest minds, Lyn Alden, shares her perspective on:

  • Why we’re at the end of a strong dollar cycle
  • Why the Federal Reserve is terrified of the global dollar shortage
  • The difference in creditor vs. debtor nations
  • The concept of the Triffin dilemma
  • Why Japan has been able to print money without seeing rampant inflation
  • Why we have inflationary and deflationary forces competing to influence the U.S. economy
  • Why debt is going to matter more than ever
  • What alternatives to the USD system might look like