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BREAKDOWN: What the Economy Will Look Like 6 Months From Now, Feat. Ryan Selkis

From contact tracing to more power in state alliances to the shift of cities to regional economic hubs, a preview of what our world looks like in the wake of COVID-19

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As week (one million, it seems) of the COVID-19 lockdown plods on, many are wondering what the economy will look like on the other side.

Ryan Selkis is the CEO and founder of Messari. He was one of the earliest voices in crypto to sound the alarm on the potential impact of COVID-19 not only on the health system but on the economy.

In this episode of The Breakdown, Ryan joins @NLW to discuss:

  • Why the markets right now represent an economic and psychological relief rally
  • What it takes to reopen the economy
  • Why voluntary, privacy preserving contact tracing is part of the solution