The internet is alive with demos of what the latest artificial intelligence language model can do. Should we be nervous?

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Today on the Brief:

  • Mastercard, Standard Chartered and PayPal all deepen their engagement with crypto
  • Japan inches closer to a central bank digital currency
  • The real estate “doom trade” opens up

Our main discussion: GPT-3

Generative pertained transformer-3 – or GPT-3 as it’s better known – absolutely took over the internet this weekend.

It’s a new AI language model that can do some truly incredible things, from writing poetry to composing business memos to generating functioning code from natural language descriptions.

In this episode of the Breakdown, NLW provides a 101-level overview of GPT-3, including:

  • What an AI language model is
  • Why AI for language is more difficult than image-based AI
  • The background of OpenAI, the Elon Musk-backed project behind GPT-3
  • Some examples of what GPT-3 can do
  • Why reasoning and narrative still elude the technology

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