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BREAKDOWN: What All These VC Deals and Acquisitions Say About the State of the Crypto Markets

3 funding announcements and 3 M&A deals gives us a window into understanding what investors in the crypto space are most interested in.

February 5, 2020

If venture investments and acquisitions provide a window into the sentiment in markets, boy did we get a big dose of information today.

Today we look at investments in the world’s best known developer of the Lightning Network; a new prominent corporate investor for a tokenized securities platform; and Square’s investment in a real-time payments company.

We also look at a set of acquisitions, including a ConsenSys acquisition poised to get them in the $3.8T municipal bond space; a Bakkt acquisition poised to get them ready for a consumer app that includes more than just cryptocurrencies; and an attempt by Bakkt-parent ICE to buy eBay for north of $30b.