BREAKDOWN: The Top Narratives Driving Crypto Market Growth, feat. Travis Kling

BREAKDOWN: Understanding This Week's Market Whiplash, Feat. Scott Melker

What one of the worst weeks in recent history can teach us about market fundamentals, featuring prominent crypto trader Scott Melker

February 28, 2020

After weeks of not reacting to Coronavirus, the markets took a profound turn for the worse this week, leading ultimately to the fastest correction - i.e. loss of 10% - in recorded history.

In this episode of The Breakdown, @NLW is joined by crypto trader, DJ, and broad market thinker Scott Melker to discuss:

  • What the crypto markets demonstrated this week
  • What recent price action suggests about the bitcoin as a safe haven narrative
  • Why it’s insane that just two weeks ago, despite tens (or hundreds) of millions of people being quarantined in the supply chain capital of the world, stock markets were printing all time highs
  • How we went from those ATHs to the fastest correction (10% drop) in recorded history
  • What the correction suggests for the fundamentals of our economy
  • Why central bankers have fewer options than ever to fight economic turmoil