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BREAKDOWN: The View From China: Crypto, Crisis and Digital Currencies Feat. Matthew Graham

Sino Global Capital’s Matthew Graham joins for a discussion of crypto, coronavirus and enterprise blockchain in China.

March 2, 2020

When everyone wrote their 2020 crypto prediction pieces, China featured prominently in everything from the exchange business to enterprise blockchain to the potential impact of a forthcoming digital yuan.

Coronavirus erased those issues from focus. On this episode of The Breakdown, @NLW is joined by Matthew Graham, CEO of Sino Global Capital. For the past 7 years, Matthew has lived in China and for the past several years, his exclusive focus has been on crypto and blockchain.

In this episode, they discuss:

  • What Chinese crypto and blockchain investors were focused on before Coronavirus
  • The shift in the crypto and blockchain narrative in China post-Libra
  • What living through the Coronavirus has actually been live (and how it differs from the media narrative in the US)
  • Why enterprise blockchain is poised to be one of the most dominant focuses for China-centric investors this year