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BREAKDOWN: The Battle for the Future of Money, feat. Lawrence Summers, CZ, Michelle Phan, the Winklevoss brothers, The Chainsmokers and more.

As the current economic crisis comes into clearer focus, how leading voices from pop culture to crypto including Carlota Perez, The Chainsmokers, Ray Yousseff and many others are reimaging money.

May 29, 2020

As the economic dimension of the COVID-19 crisis comes into clearer view, what have we learned about the battle for the future of money? Does the dollar reign supreme? Are within-the-system competitors like the euro or China’s digital yuan gaining ground? Does an outside the system alternative like bitcoin stand a chance?

Over the last month, the “Money Reimagined” series has looked at the battle for the future of money.

Episode 1 focused on the dollar and why it is simultaneously stronger and more set up to fail than ever before.

Episode 2 was all about the obvious contenders to replace the dollar such as the euro or China’s currency, especially as they race towards a digital yuan. It also looked at where Facebook’s Libra might fit in the mix.

Episode 3 looked at one of the most unique features of this modern currency battle - the fact that there are fundamentally new systems like bitcoin in the running. Can a non-sovereign currency actually be more relevant than global fiats?

This final episode of the “Money Reimagined” series checks in on each of the previous episodes but brings a new set of voices to the mix. Between May 11 and May 14, CoinDesk hosted Consensus:Distributed, a virtual summit featuring some of the leading lights in crypto, finance, economics and pop culture. In this episode, we hear from those voices, including:

  • Lawrence Summers - former U.S. Treasury Secretary
  • Christopher Giancarlo - former Chairman of the CFTC
  • Michelle Phan - YouTube innovator and founder of Ipsy
  • Chaoping Zhao - founder and CEO of Binance
  • The Winklevoss brothers - founders of Gemini
  • The Chainsmokers - Grammy-winning artists
  • Carlota Perez - influential economist