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BREAKDOWN: The $20,000 Human IPO and 5 Other Crypto Stories That Have Nothing to Do With COVID-19

From regulation-related shutdowns to a human IPO and G20 warnings about stablecoins, NLW breaks down a set of crypto trend stories that really aren’t about COVID-19.

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Even as the market tries to make sense of everything happen (or ignores it, depending on your perspective), crypto keeps on plugging along.

Today on The Breakdown @NLW looks at 5 recent crypto stories that are representative of larger trends, including:

  • Coinbase Custody enabling staking for Polkadot DOTs
  • A Telegram-focused exchange shutting down due to regulatory compliance costs
  • A $20k Human IPO on Ethereum
  • Shapeshift acquires Portis & other crypto M&A
  • A G20 report on the threat of Stablecoins