Why the ether supply dust-up was about much more than the supply of ether.

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Today on the Brief:

  • WSJ study finds TikTok was tracking data in a way that broke Android rules
  • The latest Core Inflation statistics
  • MicroStrategy stocks pops 10% after cash to bitcoin announcement

Our main discussion: What’s the Ethereum #SupplyGate really about

NLW breaks down:

  • The historical narratives bitcoiners and ether advocates hold relative to one another
  • The history of dominant narratives in crypto over the last three years
  • Why the next bull market is poised for a twin narrative combining bitcoin as a hedge against fiat debasement and DeFi as a money-making sandbox
  • What happened with #SupplyGate
  • Why #SupplyGate is as much about narrative competition as it is about the supply of ether