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BREAKDOWN: State Power After Coronavirus, Feat. Peter McCormack

An off-the-cuff conversation about state power, nuance in an age of tribalism, and where bitcoin meets politics

March 20, 2020

Peter McCormack is the host of What Bitcoin Did and the Defiance podcast. He recently returned from travel to a number of countries in South America including Venezuela and Colombia as well as the Turkey-Greece border.

In this off-the-cuff and wide ranging conversation, Peter and @NLW discuss

  • Bitcoiner politics and the bitcoin community’s reaction to the potential for increased state power in the wake of Coronavirus
  • Which types of state power growth we should be most concerned with
  • How to push governments to retract power growth on the other side of crisis
  • How travel around the world has informed Peter’s perspective on bitcoin and politics
  • Why nuance is both disincentivized and sorely needed in times of crisis