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BREAKDOWN: Should the Government Have a Say in Where Can Invest?

NLW discusses forthcoming changes to US accredited investor laws and looks at a trend of DeFi companies looking to become more decentralized in 2020.

December 19, 2019

Accredited investor laws block most of the US out of technology and other types of early stage risk investing, but as the ICO boom showed, not being allowed to do something doesn’t mean that people don’t want to do it.

The SEC announced prospective changes to those laws that could expand accredited status. In the world of DeFi, a number of different projects including Synthetix (with an assist from Chainlink) and Kyber are looking to more fully decentralized heading into 2020.

And finally a quick review of the CoinDesk 2019 most influential list, including why Hodlonaut is the best selection.

Topics Discussed

The SEC has announced a set of potential modifications to contentious accredited investor rules. /markets/2019/12/18/sec-proposal-would-broaden-accredited-investor-definition/

Kyber and Synthetix look to move certain governance functions to DAOs and Synthetix teams up with Chainlink for decentralized price oracles.

CoinDesk has published its annual most influential list. /markets/2019/12/18/presenting-coindesks-most-influential-2019/