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BREAKDOWN: On the Frontlines of the SEC Safe Harbor Proposal With CoinList CoFounder Andy Bromberg

Will a newly proposed ‘safe harbor’ transform the US regulatory landscape for token projects? Coinlist CEO Andy Bromberg discusses.

February 10, 2020

Last week, SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce proposed Rule 195 to give token projects a 3 year safe harbor. This proposed period would allow them to distribute tokens without fear of violating securities law so long as they achieve certain standards of decentralization in that time.

Coinlist is a platform for compliant token sales. On this episode of The Breakdown, Coinlist CEO Andy Bromberg and @nlw discuss:

  • The cost of regulatory clarity in the US, including projects leaving US shores
  • Historic approaches to “compliant” token sales and what problems they still leave
  • What Commissioner Hester Peirce’s proposed Rule 195 includes
  • The potential implications for the US crypto markets
  • The chances that Rule 195 comes to pass