BREAKDOWN: The Top Narratives Driving Crypto Market Growth, feat. Travis Kling

BREAKDOWN: Kraken’s Dan Held on What’s Different About Bitcoin at $10K This Time

As bitcoin inches towards $10,000, @nlw is joined by Kraken’s Dan Held to discuss how the narrative, infrastructure, and audience have changed since this price last year.

February 7, 2020

Bitcoin is on a 7 week upward trend. Having already smashed through its $9,000 Vegeta memes, it is now inching closer towards $10k.

On this episode, @nlw is joined by Kraken’s Dan Held to discuss how bitcoin has changed in a number of ways since the last time we were at the $10,000 price level last year. They look at:

  • Narrative - Speculation around bitcoin as a safe haven and the role of the halvening continue to shape the conversation
  • Infrastructure - The tools for how people can interact with bitcoin - from lending to derivatives - have never been broader
  • Audience - Institutions are no longer just around the corner but actively participating in the market