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BREAKDOWN: Inequality, Social Chaos, Bankruptcy Rallies: The Best Insights From FinTwit June 2020

From the "Robinhood Rally" to the most profit-disconnected stock market in history, these are the most interesting ideas from FinTwit last month.

July 9, 2020
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Today on the Brief:

  • Slight good news in new and continuing jobless claims
  • Record corporate equity and debt sales during the crisis
  • USDC freezes $100k

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Our main conversation: Introducing the Macro Media Index.

The Macro Media Index is a monthly summary of the best macroeconomic tweets, essays, podcast and videos from around the internet.

In this inaugural edition, NLW looks at a few key themes:

  • The disconnect between the market and the real economy
  • The role of the Fed and monetary policy in growing wealth inequality and social unrest
  • The Robinhood Rally and bankruptcy bet that took institutional investors by complete surprise
  • The great inflation vs. deflation debate

Featuring insight from previous Breakdown guests including Luke Gromen, Lyn Alden, Jesse Felder, Preston Pysh and more.