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BREAKDOWN: From Proof of Health to UBI: How Everything Changes Post COVID-19, Feat. Joe McCann

From domestic manufacturing to economic nationalization by proxy to proof of health on a blockchain, a preview of the decade to come.

April 21, 2020

Joe McCann currently works in cloud and AI at Microsoft and has spent decades in tech, crypto, and open source communities. He recently wrote a piece called “A New, New World Order” all about the second and third order effects of Covid-19.

In this conversation, Joe and NLW discuss:

  • Localism and the beginning of the end of globalization
  • The return of domestic manufacturing
  • The ‘Roaring 20s’ of Inflation
  • The inevitability of Universal Basic Income in response to inflation
  • QE infinity and the US’s nationalization by proxy
  • National healthcare as national security and why microbes are this decade’s terrorists
  • Proof of health, and why it’s likely to be implemented on a blockchain