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BREAKDOWN: Crypto Fundraising and a Nothing-Is-Safe Haven

An update on the safe haven narrative as bitcoin continues to move with equities plus a crypto startup fundraising roundup

March 10, 2020

Whatever you thought of the uncorrelated or safe haven narratives a few weeks ago, it’s hard to deny that bitcoin and crypto are moving in lock step with equities - even mirroring a small bounce in the morning that retreated in the early afternoon.

On this episode of The Breakdown, NLW looks at hot takes on the narrative from Bloomberg’s Joe Weisenthal and crypto investor Ari David Paul.

Not all the news is bleak, however. Also on this episode, we break down recent financings for

  • Argent’s de-fi friendly wallet
  • Horizon Games’ blockchain-based Hearthstone/MtG style game SkyWeaver
  • Futureswap’s decentralized futures exchange and more