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BREAKDOWN: Cronyism, Zombie Companies and the True Cost of the Coronavirus, Feat. Morgan Creek's Mark Yusko

Why dependency culture, zombie corporations, and debt jubilee could be the true cost of the coronavirus.

March 24, 2020

Mark Yusko is the founder of Morgan Creek Capital Management. In this wide-ranging conversation, he and @NLW discuss:

  • Why bitcoin has fallen with stocks over the last few weeks
  • Why price and value are not the same thing
  • Why stocks have been manipulated
  • An argument for buy backs being illegal
  • Why cronyism is not capitalism
  • Why bailouts and other types of intervention help zombie companies that should perish
  • A debate about whether the “cure is worse than the disease”
  • The costs of a 0-risk tolerance
  • The polarization of health vs. economics
  • Why there should be a market holiday
  • Why bitcoin is the last and only free market
  • Why the big market announcements are always on Sunday
  • Why we’re headed to debt jubilee
  • There is a non-zero probability that Trump tries to cancel the election
  • Why a lack of leadership is the biggest cause for pessimism today