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BREAKDOWN: Bitcoin vs. QE Infinity and the 4 Archetypes of the Halving Debate

When it comes to discussion around the bitcoin halving, are you a speculator, fundamental, miner or symbologist?

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The bitcoin halving is just two weeks away. While the COVID-19 crisis pushed attention off the momentous event for a while, the discussion is coming back fast and strong. Google searches for the bitcoin halving already exceeding the 2016 peak, despite almost no mainstream media coverage.

In this episode, NLW breaks down 4 archetypes of people within the larger debates around the bitcoin halving:

  • Speculators - those who flock to Twitter to engage in endless rounds of debate around the efficient market hypothesis and whether the halving is priced in or not
  • Fundamentals - those who believe that what matters about the halving isn’t the short-term price movement but the fundamental decrease in supply
  • Miners - those who have to actually figure out how to make their business model work in the context of reduced issuance
  • Symbologists - those who are focusing on the significance of bitcoin’s issuance reduction coinciding with QE infinity