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BREAKDOWN: Binance US CEO Catherine Coley Explains Why Crypto Exchanges Are Rushing Into Staking

Binance.US CEO Catherine Coley joins @nlw to discuss the exchanges new plans to offer staking as well as broader goals around lowering crypto’s barriers to entry.

January 29, 2020

The competition around staking is heating up, and the latest entrant is Binance.US, who will begin to offer staking on two assets with plans to roll out more in the future.

On this episode of The Breakdown, Catherine talks with NLW about:

  • How the company prioritizes both new features and which audiences to build for
  • Why staking is important both for allowing people to do more with their crypto assets as well as help build and secure the networks those assets run on
  • How staking is part of a much larger mission around education, financial literacy and lowering the barriers to entry for participation in crypto.