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BREAKDOWN: Bearish or Bullish? What Oil, Defi Hacks and Cash Hoarding Tell Us About Markets

As economic confusion gains ground, NLW breaks down what in the recent news is bullish and what is bearish for bitcoin and the crypto community.

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It’s hard to look at recent news from both crypto and traditional markets and not feel like we’re getting pretty mixed signals. Stocks have been recovering, but oil is hitting historic lows. DeFi suffers a major hack over the weekend, but Coinbase sees a major spike in $1200 transactions right as $1200 stimulus checks hit. Cash hoarding is giving pretense for eliminating privacy-preserving money, but one of the world’s most successful hedge funds has authorized investment in bitcoin futures.

On today’s episode of The Breakdown, NLW separates bullish from bearish signals for the strange in between times.