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BREAKDOWN: Art Haus Ethereum Meets Bitcoin Financialization

NLW discusses two ends of the crypto spectrum: the emergence of bitcoin derivatives as a key 2019 trend vs. a new bonding-curve powered fashion DAO

December 20, 2019

One of the most important (yet somehow quiet) narratives of 2019 has been the financialization of bitcoin and the emergence of a robust market for derivative products. That was reinforced today as Binance announced a significant investment in derivatives exchange FTX. How will key events coming up in 2020 like the bitcoin halving be impacted by the presence of derivatives?

At the same time, not all crypto projects are trying to change money. Some, like the Saint Fame DAO, a fashion house-slash-human coordination experiment, are simply trying to do interesting things that people think are cool.

Topics discussed:

Binance invests in crypto derivatives exchange FTX

New derivative products help miners hedge against volatility

Saint Fame brings the DAO model and bonding curves to fashion.