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BREAKDOWN: 6 Good Reasons for Bitcoin HODLers to Stay Calm

From today’s buy order activity to bitcoin’s historic ability to bounce back after being pronounced dead, a few calming notes in a day of chaos.

March 12, 2020

The Coronavirus got really extra real today for markets. A two and a half week selloff was tipped to the next level by a major ratcheting up of action from the US government (which still seemed clearly to be not enough to calm markets).

In bitcoin, this meant a drop from around $8000 yesterday to under $6000 today - a head-spinning dump, especially for those who are more recent to crypto.

Still, in this episode, @NLW argues that there are 7 good reasons to keep calm and HODL on:

  • It’s not just bitcoin
  • Correlation means infiltration
  • Peak fear
  • Asia on the upswing
  • Buy order behavior
  • Bitcoin’s been dead before
  • And a bonus: this environment is exactly what bitcoin was built for