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BITCOIN IN AFRICA: The Ubuntu Way (Zimbabwe)

After three weeks of recording and talking bitcoin in Africa, podcaster Anita Posch shares her experiences in part one of this six part documentary podcast series.

March 19, 2020

In this 1st part of the “Bitcoin in Africa” podcast documentary series, join Anita as she learns about the current living situation of Zimbabweans and the country's political history. Combining on-the-ground recordings, interviews and thoughtful narration, she paints a picture of why things are how they are, as well as the state of human rights and free speech.

Recorded February 2020 in the run-up to the growing quarantine movement and coronavirus travel restrictions Anita travelled to Zimbabwe and Botswana to listen, learned and record about the usage of Bitcoin in these countries. In the world of bitcoin countries like Zimbabwe and Venezuela are frequently mentioned as places where Bitcoin could or perhaps should be making a difference. Where they can really help the people's economic situations.

"I wanted to see by myself, if this is true and in how far Bitcoin is known and used there." said Anita Posch

You can find travel pictures, videos, credits and a full transcript here