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AFRICA: If Bitcoin Works in Zimbabwe, It Works Everywhere (Part 4 of a Six-Part Documentary Podcast Series)

On this episode we join Anita Posch as she discusses Bitcoin's potential and realities with a self described "Digipreneur" and Teacher in Harare, Zimbabwe

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In part 4 of this six-part documentary podcast series about Bitcoin in Africa we'll join Anita as she speaks with a young woman from Harare, Zimbabwe. She calls herself a 'Digipreneur' and also works as a teacher. Working with her organization, they focus on the digitalization of Africa and aim to improve outcomes in Zimbabwe. With the use of Bitcoin outlawed and the state of human rights and free speech being rather poor in Zimbabwe, Anita and the guest agreed to not mention her name. In this episode they discuss:

  • The opportunities for Bitcoin adoption
  • The shutdown of Golix, the only Zimbabwean crypto exchange
  • The philosophy of Ubuntu and how it relates to Bitcoin
  • Hyper-inflation
  • The future of Bitcoin in Africa
  • How cryptocurrency feels like luxury in Zimbabwe
  • How to design Bitcoin for use in Africa
  • How Libra is a game changer
  • The most used social media tools
  • The need for even more accessibility and ease of use

"If I have a Bitcoin, I can send money to my relatives, who are in Malawi or in Namibia or in Ghana. Currently I can't with our own currency. I can't send money out freely and quickly, but if we can sit down as a community and say okay, we need to buy a new borehole and we can do that just by using our phone. That's an amazing thing. You know, if we look at it from a place of development, if you look at it from a place of helping the community and taking care of each other, if it allows us to take care of each other without having to create so many barriers and so much red tape to get stuff done with money, I feel like when you change that narrative, you speak to something very deep within an African." - Teacher and Digipreneur, Zimbabwe

"Cryptocurrency feels almost like luxury. It's sad because I don't think that's what it's supposed to be, but it was also bearing in mind cryptocurrency was designed in a functioning environment. It was designed by people who maybe haven't spent 12 hours in a fuel queue?" - Teacher and Digipreneur, Zimbabwe

"We need to start having more conversations about the future with the people who are actually affected by the future. Hold workshops under a tree in Binga and have someone who is there who can translate into the local language and have a conversation." - Teacher and Digipreneur, Zimbabwe

You can find the full transcript on the episode page

A note from Anita:

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Edited by CoinDesk’s Podcasts Editor: Adam B. Levine

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