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SEC Takes Aim at Kraken and Paxos

CoinDesk Managing Editor Nik De recaps his regulatory scoops from last week. Plus: Austin Federa, head of strategy at the Solana Foundation, details what’s next for the network.

February 16, 2023

On “Carpe Consensus,” hosts Ben Schiller, Danny Nelson and Cam Thompson hit crypto’s highlights of the week with news from the SEC, Solana and the Super Bowl.

  • [1:48] Inside the Desk: CoinDesk's managing editor for global policy and regulation Nik De recaps his regulatory scoops as the Securities and Exchange Commission takes action against Kraken and Paxos
  • [13:36] Austin Federa: What’s next for Solana, post-FTX? And, is DeFi dying?
  • [29:38] Danny’s Dungeon: How reporters break news stories from the ground floor of conferences
  • [33:23] Cam’s Corner: The single crypto commercial aired during this year’s Super Bowl marketed itself as a “digital collectible,” rather than a non-fungible token – is the era of crypto and Web3 buzzwords over?

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“Carpe Consensus” is executive produced by Jared Schwartz and produced and edited by Eleanor Pahl.