Carpe Consensus 4X3

AI in Newsrooms, Crooked Crypto and Mango Madness

Where does AI fit into journalism? Plus, a conversation with “Crypto Crooks” host David Z. Morris.

February 2, 2023

On “Carpe Consensus,” hosts Danny Nelson and Cam Thompson take a well-rounded look at this week in crypto news with guest David Z. Morris.

  • [2:01] Inside the Desk: Danny dives into potential use cases for AI in the newsroom and Cam follows a workout routine written by ChatGPT.
  • [8:55] David Z. Morris joins to discuss the creation of “Crypto Crooks,” CoinDesk’s first true-crime podcast and teases details about the upcoming season.
  • [22:44] Danny’s Dungeon: Developers behind the Solana-based crypto exchange are pushing ahead, despite scrutiny from the SEC.
  • [30:43] Cam’s Corner: Car puns abound as Porsche’s NFT collection mints with mixed success.

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“Carpe Consensus” is executive produced by Jared Schwartz and produced and edited by Eleanor Pahl.