Ryan Selkis is the founder and CEO of Messari, an online database for the crypto industry that provides data insights, pricing and research on crypto assets through an open source library of information. Selkis has also played a role in other companies in the crypto space, including CoinDesk and its parent, Digital Currency Group (DCG).

Selkis entered the space in December 2013 through TBI Consulting LLC, a company he started to publish daily research and advise investment groups on venture opportunities related to crypto. In October 2014, Selkis joined Digital Currency Group, a venture capital firm founded by Barry Silbert. As one of DCG’s early employees, Selkis assisted in fundraising efforts, recruiting and investment activity into 2016.

That same year Selkis led DCG’s acquisition of CoinDesk to increase the level of investment into the company’s research products and events. CoinDesk had debuted its Consensus event in 2015. As part of the acquisition, Selkis joined CoinDesk as managing director to expand the Consensus event as well as enhance CoinDesk’s research and data analytics products.

In his 19 months at CoinDesk, Selkis helped increase company revenue by 730 percent, managed a 12-person team and assisted in bringing Kevin Worth on board as CEO.

After departing from CoinDesk in July 2017, Selkis started Messari in January 2018. Messari’s features include aggregate dashboard OnChainFX, disclosure platform of project information Messari Registry and analytical news Messari Research. Messari is additionally known for its year 2050 market cap projections based on a methodology that defines supply and inflation estimates of programmable currencies.