Amber Baldet is the former executive director and blockchain program lead for JP Morgan and is the co-founder and CEO of Clovyr, an ethereum startup which provides companies with applications, tools and services that can help them incorporate decentralized technology into their businesses and bridge public and private blockchains.

During Baldet’s tenure at JP Morgan, the company launched its own blockchain technology, Quorum, in 2016. As a private, permissioned iteration of the ethereum blockchain, Quorum is designed to facilitate high-speed processing of transactions while maintaining privacy for its users. 

In 2018, Baldet left JP Morgan to start her own venture Clovyr, which she co-founded with Patrick Nielson, the former lead developer of Quorum.

Baldet was named number 31 in Forbes’ list of 40 under 40 in 2017 for her influence in blockchain and the banking industry. Baldet sits on the board of the Zcash Foundation and previously acted as the chair of the financial industry working group of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.