Editorial Internship

 CoinDesk is seeking paid part- and full-time time interns to support our growing Editorial team. This position is based in New York City and is available for summer 2018.

Job Description

The world of finance and banking is being reimagined. Armed with new technologies, a wave of innovators is seeking to reshape how the world manages its money.

At CoinDesk, it’s our job to cover the story.

The content and events leader for all things ‘bitcoin,’ ‘crypto’ and ‘blockchain,’ our work has been cited in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune and more.

More broadly, however, CoinDesk is an active, fast-growing environment perfect for anyone who wants to play a leading role in building a vital brand for an emerging audience. Quite simply, the experience we offer will find you working on journalistic challenges that have never before been explored in business and financial reporting.

Requirements include:

  • Communications: You have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • Journalistic acumen: You hold a journalism degree, are currently studying journalism or have worked previously as a professional reporter.
  • Tech savvy: You understand digital reporting and are able to navigate Google news, social media and internet-based news acquisition.
  • Work independently: You are able to prioritize, organize and manage deliverables but work in a supportive environment.

Preferred skills:

  • Ability to write copy quickly and able to take constructive criticism 
  • Familiarity with cryptography, blockchain (using block explorers or conducting blockchain analytics) and understanding of fintech-related material and terminology.
  • Prior experience reporting on financial or technology industry topics.

Should I Apply?

The position is ideal for recent college graduates, current graduate students or enrolled undergraduates who want a hands-on, real-world writing experience for an engaged audience.

About CoinDesk

Since 2013, CoinDesk has been the leader in blockchain news.

Through our independent journalism and monthly research reports, we cover the key trends, technologies, companies and people that matter in bitcoin, ethereum and other blockchain tech communities. We also host must-attend events, such as Consensus, CoinDesk’s annual blockchain summit, which has become the industry’s largest annual event for experts and leaders from the startup, investment, financial services, and policy communities.

Please send resumes and cover letters to Dasha Sukovatitsyn (dasha@coindesk.com).