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A daily signal that conveys the direction and strength of the current price trend of ethereum.

  • Significant Downtrend

  • Neutral

  • Significant Uptrend

The CoinDesk Ether Price Index (ETX) provides a USD-denominated reference rate for the spot price of Ether (ETH). The index leverages real-time prices from multiple constituent exchanges to provide a representative spot price. Each constituent exchange is weighted proportionally to its trailing 24-hour liquidity with adjustments for price variance and inactivity.

Given the potential for anomalies or manipulation at individual exchanges, constituent weights may dynamically adjust using CoinDesk Indices proprietary Constituent Weighting Adjustment Algorithm (CWAA). The algorithm is designed to calculate a real-time index that is an accurate and reliable reflection of the market price of each digital asset, using multi-sourced spot prices and dynamically reduce the weights of individual exchanges with lower liquidity, inactivity, and higher price variance.

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