The digital asset class has boomed into a $100 billion market. 2017 saw investors experience enormous returns. Despite hundreds of digital asset obituaries from the financial press, these assets won’t disappear anytime soon. Many smaller retail investors have taken advantage of this opportunity, but the majority of sophisticated investors do not actively participate.

That changes now.

CoinDesk will host the world’s first digital asset investor outlook event, Consensus: Invest on Tuesday, November 28 at the New York Marriott Marquis. At the center of this asset class, Consensus: Invest brings 600+ institutional investors, hedge funds, money managers, banks, and family offices together and offers attendees the chance to get connected with how to invest, store, trade and judge value in this new asset class. Ultimately, attendees will walk away with a richer idea of what to expect in 2018.

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When the 600+ investors coming to Consensus: Invest finish up their day, they will be armed with the information they need to act–and they will be eager to join this high growth asset class. Sponsoring Invest is your opportunity to be front and center as they’re about to start allocating portions of their funds to the space.

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New York Marriott Marquis

1535 Broadway New York, NY 10036

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Watch the world’s first digital asset investor outlook event, Consensus: Invest. WATCH THE PLAYBACK

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