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January 30-­31, 2017 | San Francisco, CA

Ryan Selkis Announces Lawnmower Acquisition and Opens Construct 2017

Hudson Jameson: Ethereum "CTO Briefing" at Construct 2017


Corey Fields: Bitcoin "CTO Briefing" at Construct 2017

Zooko Wilcox: ZCash "CTO Briefing" at Construct 2017


Muneeb Ali & Juan Benet: Blockstack IPFS "CTO Briefing" at Construct 2017

Brian Behlendorf: Hyperledger "CTO Briefing" at Construct 2017


Ryan Smith: Chain "CTO Briefing" at Construct 2017

Stefan Thomas: Ripple "CTO Briefing" at Construct 2017


Eric Lombrozo Discusses Segregated Witness at Construct 2017

Andrew Poelstra Discusses Privacy & Fungibility at Construct 2017


Gregory Sanders Discusses Sidechains at Construct 2017

Joseph Poon Discusses Lightning at Construct 2017


Alex Van de Sande Discusses Mist at Construct 2017

Vlad Zamfir Discusses Capser at Construct 2017


Thomas Bertani Discusses Smart Contracts, Oracles & Auditable Off-Chain Data at Construct 2017

Ameen Soleimani Discusses State Channels on Ethereum at Construct 2017


Gregory Maxwell Discusses Elements & Bitcoin for the Enterprise at Construct 2017

Joseph Lubin Discusses Public & Enterprise Ethereum Developments at Construct 2017


Shaul Kfir Discusses Digital Asset at Construct 2017

Christopher Ferris Discusses Hyperledger Fabric at Construct 2017


Mic Bowman Discusses Hyperledger Sawtooth Lake at Construct 2017

Clemens Wan Discusses R3's Corda at Construct 2017

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