January 30-­31, 2017 | San Francisco, CA

Construct 2017 - For Developers, By Invitation

Construct is CoinDesk's first blockchain developer conference, curated by and for technologists.

This 350 attendee, invite-only event will include leaders from all major blockchain communities: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Blockstack, Zcash, and more. Construct was designed to promote cross-­community collaboration and to help ensure the “internet of value” is built on an open, secure and interoperable foundation.


Who Will Be Here

Senior Technologists From These Companies Are Attending:

21, Abra, ANX, Blockseer, Blockstack, Blockstream, Bloq, Chain, Ciphrex, Civic, Coinbase, Consensys, CME Group, Deloitte, Digital Asset, Digital Currency Group, DTCC, Ethereum Foundation, EY, Gem, Groupon, FDIC, Fidelity, IBM, IDEO, Intel, Intuit, IPFS, Lightning, Loyyal, MIT Media Lab, Netki, Overstock, R3, Ripple, Scotiabank, t0, Vanguard, Zcash, and more.

Members of our steering committee include many of the industry's most recognizable technical leaders. The vast majority of our attendees will be senior engineers – startup founders and/or enterprise blockchain leads – many of whom will hail from complementary industries outside of blockchain (database tech, cybersecurity, fintech, IAM, etc.)

Session Design

+ CTO Briefings – 20 minute updates on various protocols (bitcoin, ethereum, hyperledger, zcash, etc.)
+ Practitioner Dives – 15 to ­20 minute overviews of the most promising newopen-­source developments
+ Product Pitches – Segregated presentations on the various tools and SDKs available to developers
+ Workshops - Unconference format; curated by volunteers from our world-­class steering committee

Why Construct?

Bitcoin has spawned an impressive global ecosystem of open-­source developers, many of whom have branched out to form their own alternative blockchain protocols. While these communities often have different goals, ethos and design visions, they are bound by a common history and common challenges:

How can blockchain technology be leveraged to add efficiency and reduce costs associated with financial transactions? How should distributed ledgers reach consensus? How will open-­source communities be governed and funded? How will critical technical updates be implemented? What are the most pressing security, scalability, privacy and usability challenges across communities?

While protocol-­specific events like DevCon and Scaling Bitcoin are important, we believe there is also an incredible amount of shared knowledge that can and should be shared by these complementary groups.

This is not an event for the non-­technical, and it is not open to everyone - by design. Our goal is to convene the world’s top blockchain technology architects to share and evaluate new ideas, flesh out collaborative solutions to pressing issues, and acquaint themselves with other top developers from communities outside of their own. We hope you'll join us!

About CoinDesk Events

Our flagship event Consensus 2016 was the largest blockchain technology conference to date, with 1,500+ attendees hailing from 35 countries, 800 companies, and included 300+ founders, CEOs and corporate executives. Construct is our technical complement to Consensus’s business-­oriented event.

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