May 11 - 13

New York Hilton Midtown

The Consensus Experience

Consensus strives to be the premier ‘Big Tent’ event globally for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry as it intersects with the worlds of legacy finance and commerce. Since its inception in 2015, Consensus has striven to be the annual “state of the industry” event, providing an introspective look at the previous 12 months and paving the way forward for the next 12. We’re called “Consensus” for a reason: we are the main forum where the industry discusses the most pivotal matters of the day, highlights the biggest successes and debates the most critical conversations. Our goal is to reflect the best ideas and highlight the brightest minds in a manner that showcases the geographically and technologically diverse nature of the industry.

Consensus Content Snapshot

As Consensus has grown over the years, so have the number of tracks and stages incorporated into the event in order to provide a diverse range of content formats to best advance critical industry conversations.

  • Keynotes

    The Keynote Stage is reserved for the most significant topics with broad relevance to the market and reinforce the main underlying themes.

  • Markets

    The Markets stage is where we showcase content pertaining to retail and institutional crypto markets, blockchain industry capital formation, regulation and compliance.

  • Business

    The Business stage highlights the intersection of blockchain and cryptocurrencies with the traditional business world including sector-specific use cases.

  • Construct

    Composed of a combination of presentations and panels, blockchain-related ecosystems, projects and technology are the focus of the Construct stage.

  • Changelog

    Changelog is designed to facilitate transparency and accountability in token markets by offering a platform for updating their respective communities on project roadmaps and treasuries.

  • Test Drive

    Test Drive provides a hands-on environment for developers and aspiring developers to learn to build applications atop the leading blockchain protocols from representatives from those protocols themselves.

  • Crypto Explainer

    Making its debut at Consensus 2020, Crypto Explainer is aimed at educating the next generation of crypto users and investors through a hands-on look at topics such as setting up a crypto wallet, participating in the DeFi economy, reading and understanding transaction data, etc.

  • Crypto Unconferenced

    Roadblocks, experiential anecdotes, storytelling and active learning will lead to the culmination of crowd-sourced content engaging attendees from a variety of backgrounds and proficiencies.

  • Workshops

    Our workshop track is reserved for experimental and interactive content, as well as topical deep dives that will equip you with new skills and insights that can add immediate impact to your business, portfolio, investments or research.

Interested in contributing to the unique content produced at Consensus? Review our speaker submission guidelines and submit a speaker proposal today!

Why Consensus?

  • Exceptional Networking Opportunities

    Consensus is the one global conference and expo that brings entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, traders, developers, academics, students and the curious together under one roof to explore, collaborate and debate the future of blockchain and crypto.

  • Thought-provoking Insights

    Featuring the most sought after industry leaders, innovators and analysts, our 2019 speaker lineup tapped enterprise blockchain, crypto startups, policymakers and cross-industry pioneers. Experience it for yourself and review the various topics that supported our extensive agenda.

  • Business Expansion

    Regardless of your line of business, Consensus hosts a wide variety of industry leaders who are shaping the future and advancing the reach of blockchain and crypto. Explore the various ways to get involved and increase your exposure exponentially.

  • Aidan Hyman


    ChainSafe Systems


    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Ajit Tripathi


    Breaking Banks Fintech Podcast


    Crypto Correspondent

  • Alan Carr


    Dapper Labs


    Game Designer

  • Alex Van de Sande





  • Alyse Killeen




    Managing Partner

  • Arif Khan


    Alethea AI



  • Bobby Cho


    CMS Holdings



  • Brantly Millegan


    Ethereum Name Service


    Director of Operations

  • Brian Klein


    Baker Marquart LLP



  • Caitlin Long


    Former Wyoming Blockchain Task Force


    Gubernatorial Appointee



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