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The Consensus Experience

Consensus is the annual gathering of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology world. Since 2015, Consensus has attracted every major company, developer, founder and investor in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world to engage in an annual discussion about the future of the industry. Consensus is designed to be a big tent for the industry: it convenes industry participants ranging from enterprise consortia to cypher punks. This convening power breaks down the barriers that separate companies in the industry and allows everyone working on the technology to spend three days learning from their peers. Previous speakers reflect the richness and diversity of the Consensus crowd, ranging from titans of Wall Street and rulers of the Fortune 500, to pioneering cryptographers and the core developers who power the world’s most valuable cryptocurrencies.

These include names like: • FedEx’s Fred Smith • Fidelity’s Abigail Johnson • Square’s Jack Dorsey • Chairman of the US Securities Exchange Commission, Jay Clayton • Whitfiled Diffie, co-creator of public-key cryptography • David Chaum, investor of the first digital cash …And many more

Consensus 2019

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