After the great crypto bubble–and crash– of 2018, leadership in the industry is needed more than ever. The goal of Consensus this year is to raise the level of conversation and dialogue across all corners of the industry. What happens onstage at Consensus sets the agenda for the remainder of the year across the industry; therefore we have both an incredible opportunity and obligation to provide thoughtful, relevant and challenging content, networking and opportunities for cross-pollination across industry segments.

In 2019, we want Consensus to be the forum for asking tough questions, exchanging new ideas, taking an introspective look at the industry and forging a collective vision as we advance together.

The Consensus agenda is programmed across three major categories in 2019: Business, Markets and Technology. These reflect the major categories of coverage on CoinDesk, and will present a holistic view of the industry, ranging from developments in the enterprise to the latest on public chains. Here’s the breakdown:


The Business stage will host the real-world use-cases that the industry needs to thrive. These will range across fields as diverse as supply-chain management, food safety, and energy, to humanitarian uses, aerospace, and automotive. You will hear from the corporations that are planning the world’s most ambitious uses for blockchain technologies, and data and other learnings from earlier high-profile launches, plus the views of policy-makers and legislators on how the technology will change industries.

Blockchain Capital Formation: Token offerings aren’t as fashionable today as in 2018, but how do they fit in the capital formation landscape as regulators continue to clarify rules and guidelines around the practice? Head from key regulators in the world’s most important markets, and vital market participants.

Gaming for Users: Each major wave of technology has been accompanied by the fun stuff: games that drive user adoption. Blockchain gaming could be a major driver of new users to the technology. Hear from legacy publishers and studios, as well as blockchain startups and pioneers who are trying to make blockchain fun again.

Enterprise Consortia: With the underlying technology up and running, how do enterprise blockchain consortia ensure they are delivering value to all participants? We’ll hear about what worked and what didn’t across industry verticals and platforms.

Blockchain for Public Sector: From federal to state to local governments across the spectrum are eyeing blockchain and distributed ledgers for a myriad of use cases. Which areas hold the most promise? What role can the public sector play in driving broader adoption? Hear from policymakers, public officials, and the enterprise providers and startups serving in the space.

Crypto Sanctions: 2018 saw the rise of financial integrity and sanctions questions that touch every corner of the industry. What do cryptocurrency users, businesses and exchanges need to know about complying with sanctions regimes? Key regulators will discuss the issues of the day with exchanges, traders and other market participants.

Adoption Challenges: From supply chains to shipping; art markets to tokenized real estate: blockchains are promising to upend industries. Hear about the most ambitious use-cases for distributed ledgers and cryptocurrencies across industries, and listen to the learning from high-profile launches in recent years.


The Markets stage will host the traders, custodians, and exchanges who enable the global, 24-hour, trade in cryptocurrencies. But it will also include regulators, institutional investors, and fund clients who make this possible. You will hear from the major players at the intersections of Wall Street, Silicon Valley and crypto.

Regulating Crypto: Countries around the world are embracing crypto and blockchain with an eye toward striking the right balance between promoting innovation and protecting against bad actors. Which jurisdictions are taking the correct approach? Hear directly from key regulators, legislators, and policy makers –plus the companies, market-makers and traders who will be affected.

When Moon?: The frenzy of crypto bubbles and blockchain hype faded quickly in 2018. How is the industry recalibrating itself for long-term growth and adoption? What are the key drivers and hurdles towards enterprise adoption? Hear from the developers, founders and investors building the next wave of innovation.

Wall Street Meets Crypto: Some argue that crypto is disinter-mediating traditional finance, while others contend it is being co-opted. A deep look at the convergence of cryptocurrency and blockchain with traditional financial services with institutional players, key regulators, enterprise software providers, and traders and funds.

Crypto Funds 2.0: 2018 may have been a rough year for funds investing in crypto and blockchain projects, but there are new entrants jumping in seeing a buy-low opportunity. What will these next-generation crypto funds look like and what type of value are they pursuing? Hear from fund mangers, protocol builders, exchanges and analysts.

Policing the Blockchain: How are law enforcement and regulators using the blockchain to protect the public from nefarious actors? Hear from law enforcement, regulators, founders, and analyst on the existential tension between cryptocurrencies and forensic analysis.


The Technology stage will showcase the state of the art in blockchain technologies. Expect to hear directly from the creators of the latest tooling, dApps, and infrastructure from both enterprise and public chains.

Platform Wars: Scalability. Security. Decentralization. What lessons are being learned in pursuit of this “Impossible Trinity”? How far away are we from a true enterprise grade platform? Founders and technical experts will discuss these issues along with enterprise users and market participants.

An Open Financial System: An open and more seamless financial system requires safe, simple and scalable infrastructure. Hear directly form the visionaries creating the foundations and tools required to usher in consumer, enterprise and institutional adoption.

Blockchain Imaginarium: What will our industry look like in 10, 20, 50 years as blockchain converges with AI, IoT,3-D printing and other new technologies? Hear from futurist, technologists and business leaders about the disruption that is to come.

Why Privacy Matters: Privacy is the secret sauce behind the blockchain ethos. Why does this matter in an increasingly interconnected world? Hear from the technologists, entrepreneurs, and regulators wrestling with tricky topics like digital identity, privacy coins and GDPR.

Back to the bASICs: Cryptocurrency mining’s emergence as a global industry has been met abruptly with woes and uncertainty amid a market correction. Miners, technologists and policymakers will discuss the roadmap for crypto mining in the years to come.