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Consensus 2016 Videos – Day Two

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How Tech Companies Are Embracing Blockchain


Deloitte One-One-One With CoinDesk


Internal Approaches for Blockchain Strategies


Lawrence H. Summers: Blockchain in a Global Context


Chain + Visa


The Future of Regulation


21 CEO, Balaji Srinivisan presents: How To Get Bitcoin (Without Mining or Buying Bitcoin)


The Future of Blockchains


Engaging with International Regulators


Preventing the Next Lehman Brothers


Speed in Securities Settlement


Building an Infrastructure for the Internet of Things


Simplifying the Global Supply Chain


Solutions for Financial Inclusion


Banking for Virtual Currency Companies


Digital Cash for Central Banks



Proof-of-Work: Investing in Blockchain’s Rising Stars


Proof-of-Work Winner: Colony

Proof-of-Work: Lawnmower


Proof-of-Work: Uniquid


Proof-of-Work: Openchain


Proof-of-Work: The Sun Exchange


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