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Consensus 2016 Videos – Day One

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CoinDesk Research presents: State of Blockchain


Introducing the Delaware Blockchain Initiative


Building a Global Payments App


Building a Better Payments Rail


Clearing and Settlement For Global Financial Institutions


Chairman of North Island and Co-Founder of Silver Lake, Glenn Hutchins, presents: Why Bitcoin Still Matters


Reaching Consensus on Open Blockchains


Taking Blockchains from Proof of Concept to Production


Decentralizing & Disrupting Existing Markets


Law Enforcement & Anonymous Transactions


Innovations in Blockchain Payments: Real Demos


Reimagining Identity & Personal Security


Bringing Blockchain Innovations to Insurance


Upgrading Capital Markets for Digital Asset Trading


Digital Currencies in Emerging Markets


Unlocking the Power of Smart Contracts


Visa Europe Collab and Epiphyte (Slides + Audio)


bitpay – An Inside Look (Slides + Audio)


Abra Update – Slides + Audio


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