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Register now for Consensus 2016

Some of the leading brands in payments, finance and technology sponsored Consensus.

If you’d like to be involved with Consensus 2016 – then get in touch for our latest prospectus.

About Sponsorship

If you want to get involved in the leading global conversation on digital currencies and blockchain technologies at future events, partnership opportunities are available.

Consensus 2015 was attended by over 600 CoinDesk readers, who include senior professionals driving change in the fields of:

  • Innovation departments at global banks
  • Global compliance teams
  • Executives in remittance and money-transfer firms
  • Finance executives and policy-makers in global aid and development organisations
  • New payments executives in global card and payments companies
  • Merchant payment processors
  • Vendors and marketplaces forming the future of e-commerce
  • Providers of identity and reputation management
  • Federal, state and cross-border regulators
  • Researchers and policy-makers at central banks
  • Legislators and researchers in government
  • Leading thinkers and academics in computer science, sociology, cryptography and economics
  • Leading online retailers and e-commerce platforms
  • The leading members of the digital currency and blockchain technology world
  • Private wealth managers
  • Hedge fund and mutual fund managers
  • Financial experts in structured finance and derivatives
  • Money-laundering and fraud experts at global banks, consultancies
  • Forensics and anti-fraud investigators at accountancy, audit firms and consultancies
  • Executives in security and privacy in digital currency transactions, storage and payments

If you’d like to engage this audience at Consensus 2016 on 2-4 May 2016, New York City, please contact Peter Bordes.

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