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Watch a replay of Consensus 2015

Gallery: Consensus 2015 Highlights

Videos from Consensus 2015 were filmed by our partner the Internet Society New York Chapter

What is Consensus 2015?

“Consensus 2015 is a unique event that will help drive the conversation and industry forward.”

– Debby Hopkins, Chief Innovation Officer at Citi and CEO of Citi Ventures

Date & time: Thursday, 10 September 2015 from 08:30 to 18:00 (EDT)

Location: The TimesCenter, 242 West 41st Street, New York, NY 10036

Consensus 2015 was CoinDesk’s inaugural summit on digital currencies and blockchain tech.

Digital currencies and blockchain technology cut across multiple and diverse sectors, with the potential to impact everyone from Wall Street to the world’s unbanked.

CoinDesk was joined by experts and leaders across these sectors to debate real-world problems and find the solutions that cutting-edge digital currencies and blockchain tech might offer.

Organisations like PayPal, Wells Fargo, the US Department of Justice and leading technologists and investors were among the attendees.

Explore the future of digital currencies and blockchain technology with us at future events.

Who Came

We had some great people attend…

Digital Currency Council
Wall Street Journal
Financial Times
American Express
Commonwealth Secretariat
Business Insider
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Bloomberg News

Find out who else attended

Speaker Highlights

Hans Morris

Argentina’s Great Micropayments Experiment

We heard from Xapo’s founder Wences Casares, who has been called ‘patient zero’ for bitcoin in Silicon Valley, about his deal to monetise micropayments in bitcoin with Argentina’s biggest social network.

Hans Morris

The $1.6 Quadrillion Clearing and Settlements Opportunity

Nyca Partners’ Hans Morris discussed the huge opportunity for new technologies in global clearing and settlements – the DTCC alone clears $1.6 quadrillion in transactions annually.

Unprecedented Transparency: Law Enforcement on the Blockchain

Federal prosecutor Kathryn Haun discussed how the Department of Justice used blockchain analysis in the case against the former DEA and Secret Service agents on the Silk Road investigation.

About CoinDesk

“CoinDesk has established itself as the paper of record for the bitcoin world.” – Mashable Jan 2015

CoinDesk is the leading publisher of independent news and analysis on digital currencies and blockchain technologies.

We have broken stories that were picked up by the New York Times, Reuters and many others.

Our quarterly State of Bitcoin report is the most respected benchmark for the vibrancy of the digital currency economy. Data from State of Bitcoin has been referenced in Mary Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends report.

The CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index is the most widely referenced gauge of the price of bitcoin across major exchanges. It is routinely quoted by the financial and technology press, including Bloomberg News, BBC News, The New York Times, CNBC, the Wall Street Journal and more.

Our journalists regularly appear in the media to explain the latest trends and events in the digital currency world.

An Intensive One-Track Agenda

Blockchain and digital currency specialists and sector experts will uncover the problems, brainstorm the solutions and debate the real-world use-cases offered by digital currencies and blockchain tech today.

Here are some of the sessions on the agenda that we’re building for Consensus 2015:

  • Unprecedented Transparency: Law Enforcement and Identity On The Blockchain
  • Better Than Cash? How Digital Currencies Could be Used in Conflict and Emergency Relief Zones
  • Making it to the Mainstream: Lessons from Bitcoin’s Close Cousins
  • Emerging Decentralised Protocols: Models Beyond Digital Currencies
  • The $1.6 Quadrillion Opportunity: Disrupting Global Clearing and Settlement
  • Moving Money Cheaply: How Digital Currency Could Disintermediate Global Remittances

Dive Deep into Topics

We will run a series of targeted roundtables in parallel to the main agenda. These are hour-long opportunities for attendees to sit down with experts in the field to dive deep into specific topics. A selection of Consensus 2015 speakers will host roundtables.

Consensus 2015 will also feature a Knowledge Bar for attendees to get up to speed on the rapidly evolving digital currency economy – think of it as an espresso bar with a blockchain tech ‘genius’ on hand to fill you in on the latest.

Meeting in the Heart of New York City

Consensus 2015 will take place at the TimesCenter, a state-of-the-art facility located in the New York Times building. The TimesCenter will be designed to ensure high-quality main agenda sessions and ample networking opportunities.

Map for TimesCenter

Who Attended?

Consensus 2015 was attended by CoinDesk readers, who include senior professionals driving change in the fields of:

  • Innovation departments at global banks
  • Global compliance teams
  • Executives in remittance and money-transfer firms
  • Finance executives and policy-makers in global aid and development organisations
  • New payments executives in global card and payments companies
  • Merchant payment processors
  • Vendors and marketplaces forming the future of e-commerce
  • Providers of identity and reputation management
  • Federal, state and cross-border regulators
  • Researchers and policy-makers at central banks
  • Legislators and researchers in government
  • Leading thinkers and academics in computer science, sociology, cryptography and economics
  • Leading online retailers and e-commerce platforms
  • The leading members of the digital currency and blockchain technology world
  • Private wealth managers
  • Hedge fund and mutual fund managers
  • Financial experts in structured finance and derivatives
  • Money-laundering and fraud experts at global banks, consultancies
  • Forensics and anti-fraud investigators at accountancy, audit firms and consultancies
  • Executives in security and privacy in digital currency transactions, storage and payments

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