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Want More Info on DESK?
When can I start using DESK?

Start using DESK upon arrival at the official Consensus 2022 festival June 9-12.

Where can I use physical DESK tokens?

Physical DESK tokens can only be redeemed at the following locations on dates noted:
Bangers – June 9
Stubbs – June 10
Austin Convention Center Exhibit Hall 2 – June 10 & 11
Food Trucks on 4th St – June 10 & 11
Mohawk – June 9 & 10
Empire Control Room and Garage – June 11

How do I set up my wallet for DESK?

Find more information on setting up a wallet for DESK here.

Who created DESK?

DESK is the product of a few CoinDesk employees contemplating how we could use the technologies we write about every day. Along the way we formed partnerships with a few key partners including Coinvise, NFTify, and Flexa.

What is the mission of DESK?

DESK is designed to reward our audience for engaging with our content and build a community around the CoinDesk brand. DESK’s ethos is modeled on the founding principles of blockchain technology: openness, community, empowerment and innovation. We hope to use DESK to create a feedback loop between us and our users to help us build out the ecosystem together.

On what network is DESK built?

DESK uses the Polygon network.

What if I had DESK last year?

Last year's DESK will not carry over to this year because we have transitioned from testnet to mainnet.

Can you stake DESK?


Will DESK increase in value?

No. DESK is a social token focused entirely on rewarding active members of the CoinDesk community. It is not a financial asset or investment product of any kind.

Why doesn’t DESK have monetary value?

By providing a system where users can contribute to the functioning of a collective, digital system, the blockchain provides the foundation for a new type of organization: the tokenized community.

We've seen examples of this over the past few years with NFT communities and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO). To highlight this blockchain use case, we decided to focus on activating and expanding social utility into community value instead of focusing on monetization.

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