Consensus 2022
DESK Creator Challenge
Top Voted Creator Artwork from the Creator Challenge

Calling all artists! Community empowerment is at the heart of DESK, and what better way to do that than by showcasing and celebrating the creators in our community with the Creator Challenge? The DESK Creator Challenge is a multi-round art submission campaign that allows the community to vote on each other’s work to be auctioned on our NFT Marketplace and seen by 15,000+ people at Consensus 2022.

We aim to use our stage as the biggest festival in Web 3 to lend the spotlight to emerging creators. After the community selects, via our new Discord server, the top-voted works to be listed on our NFT Marketplace, a panel of advisers will help select the 25 pieces that will be showcased at our on-site NFT Gallery at Consensus on Saturday, June 11.

Creator Challenge Advisers:

  • Brian Trunzo, Polygon Studios
  • Guy Thompson, Hummingbird Labs
  • Jonathan Victor, Protocol Labs (NFT Gallery Sponsor)
  • Jordan Gray, NEAR Protocol
  • Krista Kim, Krista Kim Studio
  • Miguel Celis, Kryptic Crypto

  • No experience creating NFTs? No problem. All you need to do is submit your work (or a digital rendering of it) and we will take care of minting the top-voted works on our Polygon-based NFT Marketplace. NFTs are forever and your piece will live on after Consensus. You can collect the community's work through DESK on the NFT Marketplace and even show your appreciation for their work by tipping them in Discord!

    How It Works

    Head over to the CoinDesk Discord Server to participate in the Creator Challenge. On Discord you can submit artworks to be voted on by our Discord community during one of the three following weekly competitions.

  • May 23-28
  • May 29-June 3
  • June 4-10

  • Each week the pieces with the most engagement will be selected to be listed in the NFTify Marketplace. Then, a panel will curate the top 25 pieces to display in the NFT Gallery on the festival grounds. Some will also receive special recognition during Sunday’s award ceremony.


    All pieces are welcome, but we encourage submissions that resonate with the DESK core values of community, empowerment, innovation and openness. Don't know what to draw? Take inspiration from the user-nominated mascot: the piranha!

    Anyone can make a submission, but those who move on to listing and displaying their work should be Consensus 2022 pass holders. You can also earn a need-based Emerge Scholarship to attend if your work is selected.

    Any artwork can be submitted to the Creator Challenge, but it must use any of the following file types: JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, MP4, WEBM, MP3, WAV, OGG, GLB.

    Creations can be represented as:

  • 1:1s or single piece offered in editions
  • Small, single-theme collections
  • PFP and large collections may considered on a case-by-case basis but must have no properties or rarities

  • Profanity, nudity, discrimination and hateful messages will be banned.

    Submit your work on Discord


    There are three types of recognition in the Creator Challenge. All artists selected will receive a Featured DESK Artist NFT.

    1. Listing in the DESK NFTify Marketplace
    50 winners will be selected to sell their work in the Consensus NFT Marketplace, powered by NFTify. All artists will receive any DESK earned at auction close on Saturday.

    2. Display in the NFT Gallery
    25 winners will be selected to display their work in the NFT Gallery on site at Consensus. Artworks selected for display will also be published on the Consensus 2022 website as well as promoted on CoinDesk social media channels, including Instagram and Twitter.

    3. Recognition at Sunday’s Award Ceremony

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