Fight COVID-19

New York Blockchain Week Campaign

Unity. It is what we need right now. Even though we are apart at home, we're more resilient together during this time of need. CoinDesk is proud to stand in solidarity with the Ethereal Summit, Gitcoin, and The Giving Block in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic. As a collective unit, we are looking to raise $100,000 so donate with your dollars today and click the link below and help support a good cause with us! As we continue to do what we can to help, we want you to stay safe, strong, and unified in the face of this uncertainty.

To energize the charity drive, eight musicians are donating exclusive musical performances and engaging in conversations for a special music show at 5 pm Eastern on the “CoinDesk TV” track of Consensus: Distributed. Artists participating in the “It’s 5 pm Somewhere Happy Hour,” include Akon, Jimmy Levy, Haley Smalls, Skip Marley, Stephan Jenkins, Muthoni Drummer Queen, Scott Page, and Gifted Johnson. Throughout the show, which will include conversations about blockchain technology and the arts, and musicians’ shift to virtual events, Mr. Star City, an interpretative artist, will paint a piece inspired by the discussion and then auction it, with the proceeds going to the charity effort.

RAISEDOF $100,000

Our Partners

Learn More About Quadratic Funding

As part of New York Blockchain Week, we are partnering with Gitcoin and Ethereal Summit to contribute matching funds in a Quadratic Funding based campaign for COVID-19 relief.

Learn what quadratic funding is and how it's used in Gitcoin Grants CLR Matching rounds to optimize the funding of charitable giving:


  • Action Against Hunger

  • International Medical Corps

  • meals on wheels

  • Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders

  • No Kid Hungry

  • Operation Masks

  • Save the Children

  • SOS Children's Villages

  • Team Rubicon

  • The Water Project