Founded in 2012 by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, Winklevoss Capital is a New York City-based family office that invests in and provides guidance for early-stage startups.

Born in Southampton, New York, the identical twin brothers began investing in bitcoin when the price for a single coin was in the single digits, and also invested $1.5 million in the now-defunct crypto exchange BitInstant. They also notably enlisted the exchange’s founder, Charlie Shrem, as their investment advisor, and later alleged in a 2018 lawsuit that Shrem stole $32 million worth of bitcoin from them.

In 2014, Winklevoss Capital launched an AngelList syndicate, which provides a way for investors to invite other accredited investors to join their deals. While Winklevoss Capital aims to invest in broadly in tech deals, its long-term vision is to invest and guide more companies that incorporate bitcoin and blockchain technology.