Tetras Capital is a New York-based actively managed hedge fund focusing on cryptocurrency and digital asset holdings. Tetras was founded by Alex Sunnarborg, Tom Garrambone and Brendan Bernstein in 2017.

Sunnarborg is the founder of crypto investing app Lawnmower, which was acquired by CoinDesk, where he subsequently worked as a research analyst. Sunnarborg also publishes analysis regarding initial coin offerings (ICOs), liquidity issues and the state of blockchain through Tetras Capital.

Garrambone was previously an investment banker at Deutsche Bank while Bernstein was an investment banker at Goldman Sachs and led investment vehicle Brainchild Holdings’ blockchain investments.

While Tetras doesn’t disclose its investments, Sunnarborg has previously called himself a proponent” for bitcoin and noted the firm is “biased” against companies that conducted ICOs due to potential issues with securities regulations. The value of the assets under the firm’s management was estimated at $30 million in 2019.