Bloq is an enterprise blockchain solutions company founded by bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik and industry investor Matt Roszak in 2015. The company’s solutions include end-to-end blockchain infrastructure service BloqEnterprise and tokenization venture studio BloqLabs.

Garzik originally framed Bloq as a startup aiming to emulate open source company Red Hat, which he claimed was able to act as a mediator between a sometimes divided Linux community and businesses that wanted to build on the open-source operating system that the ecosystem had developed. Essentially, Bloq aimed to provide enterprises with blockchain infrastructure, but also the support that large companies require when implementing open-source technology.

Bloq’s central product is BloqEnterprise, which has many components including computing platform BloqCloud, digital asset storage BloqWallet, networking tool BloqRouter, SDK and tesnet structure BloqDev, analytics tool BloqView and smart contract platform BloqOra. Additionally, the blockchain management system integrates a strategic consulting division, BloqThink, for businesses seeking to build blockchain applications from the ground level.

In 2018, Bloq launched metronome, a cryptocurrency designed to be interoperable with multiple blockchains. Metronome was initially released on Ethereum, and has made a successful “chainhop” to Ethereum Classic. Metronome was also set to launch on Qtum and RSK in 2019.

Bloq launched BloqLabs in 2017. The “innovation studio” aims to promote open-source blockchain development, explore the potential of tokenization and bridge the gap between the open-source community and businesses. Notably, BloqLabs was one of the first members to join the Enterprise Blockchain Alliance in March 2017.